Travaglini Equipment

Travaglini S.p.A. have been a prominent player in the food processing industry for over six decades. Their team not only greatly helps customers with their equipment but also with the planning and supervision process of their products. Travaglini’s technical knowledge and experience in the industry has allowed the company to prosper in the global market and satisfy a vast amount of customers.

Defrosting & Freezing

Travaglini designs and develops thawing systems for all kinds of food products. These systems guarantee product uniformity throughout the room, resulting in improved yield and reduced loss of sarcoplasmic proteins during the entire thawing cycle – the length of which will depend on the customer’s needs. Travaglini’s thawing rooms are highly energy-efficient because they reduce excessive water use and nearly eliminate subsequent waste water. Additionally, their state-of-the-art control system guarantees microbiological product safety. The hygienic process ensures the product has a higher food quality and a more natural appearance as well as an improved shelf life. These advantages also apply during the freezing process. Furthermore, at the end of the cycle, this system also works as a refrigerator room to preserve thawed products.

Fermenting & Drying

Around the world, Travaglini is most famous for their innovative fermenting and drying equipment. Fermenting is the beginning of the natural curing process; Travaglini’s equipment provides the best available conditions for the growth of beneficial biological microorganisms and the reduction of PH to the desired levels. Drying is a crucial part of food processing – its goal is to reduce the product’s water levels, make the product shelf-stable and ensure food safety without compromising food quality. The successful combination of these two processes results in delicious food.

Clean Rooms

Travaglini is a recognized and a qualified supplier of clean rooms. Clean rooms are built for minimizing the introduction, generation, and retention of pollutant particles. A basic feature of clean rooms is that they are enclosed areas of limited size that are optimized for production requirements. Air distribution inside a clean room can be implemented in different ways, and this, together with the different grades of filtration, determines the level of protection against product contamination.

Automatization and Other Equipment

Travaglini also offers the following systems:

  • Horizontal airflow systems
  • Spiral freezers
  • Spiral cookers
  • Cooling compressors
  • Loading, moving and unloading robots
  • Roll-up doors
  • UV lights
  • Ageing equipment (for cheese & meat)
  • And much more…

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