Our Founder and CEO

Michael KleeMichael Klee has spent his entire professional life of over 30 years servicing the food-processing industry.He has worked his way up from a service-technician to the manager of a leading German smokehouse manufacturer. Michael served the last few years as a technical sales manager for a North American equipment distributor.

Michael has worked in 6 continents and over 75 countries. He has become an expert in identifying his clients’ exposures and providing efficient, cost effective and innovative solutions.

In a time where more and more food equipment manufacturers are merging together under big umbrella corporations, and their sales and service teams are overwhelmed with technical information, Michael decided to focus and specialize on what he knows best: smokehouses, chillers, cookers, fermenting and drying equipment.

With his vast experience in the Meat, Poultry, Fish and Dairy processing industries, he has created Klever Equipped Inc.

Company Overview

Klever Equipped Inc. specializes in products security, sales and services of smokehouses, fermenting, chilling, drying and clean room equipment. We offer a wide range of products, services, support and expert advise to improve production process and increase customers’ profit.

Klever Equipped has partnered with two of the world’s leading manufacturers in food-processing industry, Travaglini and Fessmann. We distribute their cutting edge equipment and modify it to your needs. We also work with an experienced network of service specialists, located all over North America.

Our company provides services in the United States and Canada. We can offer you a unique blend of specialized knowledge and flexible services based on the personalized approach of our team.

Get it Right, Go Klever!