All About Our Supplier In Germany – Fessmann GmbH und Co KG

Fessmann Gmbh und Co KG is a privately held company producing top-of-the-line machinery for the food processing industry. The company was first founded by Wilhelm Fessmann in 1924, and what started as a family business has now grown into a high-tech enterprise.

Fessmann is the leading company in their field because they believe in quality over quantity. They specialize in the type of equipment that they sell, unlike their competitors, who have a vast array of products, but no real technical knowledge in any one particular area.

Fessmann provides systems for smoking, cooking, roasting, baking, cold smoke and chilling for customers all around the world. All their equipment is constantly quality-checked to ensure everything is kept to a high standard. The company also consistently works on improving their technology, allowing their customers to improve their processes, thereby resulting in an improvement in their products’ taste.

Fessmann’s Product Development Through The Years

Fessmann delivered their first TURBOMAT universal system in 1969. These smokehouses have gone through many changes and improvements over the years, and are still one of Fessmann’s most popular systems today as they are very efficient and offer a remarkable production per square footage capacity.

The first semi-continuous system, the TF3000, was developed in 1971. This was closely followed by the release of the TF4000, which was first presented at IFFA in 1972, and was the first smokehouse to have continuous lines, allowing for the production of several tons of sausages per hour. The T3000 platform was further developed through the years, and in 2003 Fessmann released the Ti3000 industrial system.

The first RATIO smoke generator was developed in 1982, and then patented as the RATIO-TOP smouldering smoke generator in 1993, which also marked the completion of the RATIO line.

In 2007, Fessmann began equipping the TF4000 with TRANS.CON, an entirely new and improved way to control the system. This technology was greatly improved and rereleased as FOOD.CON at IFFA in 2010, along with the new RATIO-STEAM steam smoke generator.

Lastly, in 2008, Fessmann announced one of their greatest achievements, the ECO.LINE with Triplex insulation, CIP cleaning and frequency converter.

The Fessmann Academy

The Fessmann Academy was opened in 1976 and has been very successful ever since. In the 40 years that it’s been open, there have been more than 100 seminars and training sessions, with over 6,000 participants in total. The academy is always equipped with the latest technology and teaches its students the very best in smoking, cooking and roasting.

Fessmann And Klever Equipped

After many years of servicing Canada and the US, Klever Equipped developed the market in service and sales once again, and continue to gain momentum each year. Klever Equipped’s CEO, Michael Klee, has had a long and rewarding partnership with Fessmann, and the entire Klever team is working hard to bring Fessmann back to its old presence in the North American market, as well as grow the market for them with our expert knowledge and service.

Klever Equipped carries Fessmann original parts in two stock locations, one in the US, and one in Canada. We also offer our customers the following Fessmann equipment:

  • Smokehouses
  • Smoke generators
  • Monitoring systems and controllers such as FOOD.LOG and FOOD.CON
  • Intensive chillers
  • Semi-continuous systems
  • Fully continuous lines

Contact Klever Equipped today and we can provide you with comprehensive assistance in determining what piece of Fessmann equipment is right for you business.