Fessmann Continuous Line

At Klever Equipped, we are proud to work with one of the leading suppliers of continuous line smokehouses – Fessmann GmbH und Co KG (Germany). This company produces the most innovative and cutting-edge machinery used in the food processing industry. Founded in 1924 as a family business, it has now grown exponentially into a conglomerate that services the food industry across the globe.

WHow It Started

Back in 1974, Fessmann presented their first continuous smokehouse – the TF4000. This innovative machinery was capable of producing tons of sausages per hour. At that time, this was unheard of. This impressive piece of machinery drew plenty of attention, but Fessmann did not stop there.

Today’s Fessmann continuous line offers the utmost in efficiency, and the highest amount of production capacity per square foot available today. It combines the essential elements of meat product manufacturing, including smoking, cooking, drying, and chilling. The Fessmann continuous system passes meat products through many heat treatment and cooling sections, including the drying, smoking, and cooling and chilling zones. The meat products then conveniently leave the system ready for packaging.

How can you benefit from the Fessmann Line?

Here are just a handful of benefits you can expect with the Fessmann line:

Automatization– Work processes can be simplified and profitability can be maximized thanks to the automation that’s possible with the Fessmann line. Steps such as loading and unloading, transporting, and cleaning the feed trolleys aren’t necessary any longer.

Customization  – The continuous line can be tailored to your specific needs.


Quality Consistency – All of your meats will be entirely consistent in uniformity, including colour and flavour, thanks to the innovative technology of the serpentine principle.

Flexibility – You’ll have the liberty of being able to produce all sorts of different types of sausages thanks to the flexibility of the process steps. You can use every section of the chamber to either smoke, dry, or cook your meat.

Energy Savings – You can realistically save as much as 50% of the energy needed to smoke, dry, or cook your meat, which can both save you money and the environment.

Hygiene Control – Because of the possibility of unmanned production, contamination can be effectively avoided. In addition, the high level of hygienic control between low and high risk areas further helps to avoid contamination.

Good Return on Investment – If production starts from 5000 lbs/hr of similar-sized product, you can realize a high ROI.

Optimal Production Flow – Controlled logistics into the packaging area, different products in length, diameter and process can be run at the same time, and easy handling of meat products between stuffing and packaging can improve production flow.

We are proud to be working with Fessmann as one of our prized suppliers, and are excited to be able to offer our valued customers the Fessmann TF4000 Continuous Line to boost production, streamline processes, and increase the bottom line.
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