Intensive Cooling in the Meat Industry

Intensive chillers are an important part of the food processing industry. Their main purpose is to cool down heat-treated products to packing temperature. The chilling process works as follows. Immediately after products are treated with heat, they are cooled to a certain core temperature. This is done by first using water as a shower where possible, or in some cases as misting. The products are then chilled with an intensive airflow. However, this is not an easy task to perform correctly. It is crucial to chill the products quickly and evenly in order to guarantee food safety and to avoid weight lost during the process.

Fessmann’s Intensive Chillers

In order to prevent weight loss in the product, the humidity in the chiller should be set to the appropriate level needed. Klever Equipped’s German supplier, Fessmann, makes some of the world’s best intensive chillers and can help you with designing the correct intensive chiller for your needs in your facility. Their intensive chillers are called the IK3000 and the IKi3000, and they are the latest in cooling technology. These machines stand out due to the many benefits they provide, such as faster and more economical chilling times, and state-of-the-art food safety in a controlled environment. Along with saving time and energy, Fessmann chillers also ensure the optimum shelf life for your goods, because the shortened exposure to critical temperature limits the growth of microorganisms.

Fessmann’s intensive chillers can also be used as cookers to do both processes in one step. This modular system design allows for even more efficiency and flexibility from your operations, as your machines will be able to perform multiple functions in a single process sequence.

Other benefits and features include:

  • Lower product weight loss
  • Low water consumption
  • Additional steam cooking possible
  • Available with brine showering option in circuit
  • For processes with just-in-time production

Temperature Control Regulations

Another important thing to note with regards to intensive cooling are the certain regulations outlining the appropriate cooling times and temperatures that companies should be using. These regulations are country-dependent, as they tend to vary quite a bit from place to place. USA and Canada as well as the rest of the world have different regulations for fast chilling, decided by their government institution.

Klever Equipped will assist in fulfilling your company’s needs and ensuring your operation complies with the regulations in your country. We will optimize cooling conditions for you products, allowing for the best quality and highest amount of yield. Contact our team today and we can get you started on customizing the perfect intensive chiller to suit your needs and resources.