Specializing in What Matters

We had barely sat down for the interview when Michael Klee, founder and CEO of Klever Equipped, expressed how important it was that this profile be about the team and not him, even refusing a photo of himself alone in his office. “We do it together,” he said. “Not me alone.”

In a time where more and more food equipment manufacturers are merging together under big umbrella corporations, and their sales and service teams are overwhelmed with technical information, Michael decided to focus and specialize on what he knows best: smokehouses, chillers, cookers, fermenting and dryingequipment.

“It’s so important to specialize,” says Michael. “Know what you’re talking about, not just generalize things. That’s what our customers like about us.” Klever Equipped has partnered with two of the world’s leading manufacturers in the food-processing industry, Travaglini and Fessmann; distributing their cutting edge equipment and modifying it to the customer’s specific needs. This year they started a new relationship with KMA specializing in odour and pollution control and to reduce carbon output on their equipment and protect the environment. “We are the translator between the manufacturer and the processor. Doing it differently in Canada from European countries doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

It’s what works for that processor and that product.” Although Klever has only six employees, there are nine service contractors and with a total of 24 technicians across Canada to service their customers, each specializing in their own area of expertise whether cooling, gas, electrical, mechanical, millwrighting, etc. “We keep overhead down by using sub-contractors for sales and service. Our customers appreciate that.”
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