Today’s Smokehouses

There’s something truly unique about the flavour of smoked meats. But achieving this final product requires special equipment. This is where smokehouses come in.

Commercial smokehouses are stainless steel heat-processing units that are used in today’s meat industry. The purpose is to provide an enclosed area where temperature, humidity, airflow and smoke level can be controlled accurately, and hygienic conditions can be ensured. Air handling systems eliminate hot or cold spots, so that the colour and flavour of the finished product is more consistent, and government QA regulations are fulfilled.

Smokehouses can use various heat sources such as:

  • Electrical
  • Steam
  • High Pressure / Low Pressure
  • Oil
  • Gas Direct + Indirect
  • Hot Gas

Smoke generators always work alongside smokehouses; they are required in order to get the smoke inside the smokehouse. There are a variety of different types of smoke generators available on the market due to the wide array of materials that can be used to generate smoke. Smoke generators can use materials such as: dry wood chips; sawdust (a mixture of water and sawdust); wood logs, which use friction in order to generate the smoke; liquid smoke; pellets; and cane sugar. Klever Equipped is currently the only company that uses cane sugar to achieve smoke colour.

Charcoal is often thought of in relation to smokehouses, however, charcoal-based smoke generators are not actually used for smoking but rather to give the meat a flavour profile (such as BBQ).

One very critical mistake that many companies make is accidentally building a flame in the smoking processing. Smoke does not equal fire; smoke equals smouldering. By bringing fire into the equation, not only will your meat not have colour, but you are also bringing in harmful carcinogens such as benzopyrenes.

At Klever Equipped, we offer the highest quality commercial smokehouses and smoke generators. We specialize in these types of products, and we can help you build a customized smokehouse to suit your needs and resources.

In addition to our products, we also offer services to ensure optimal operation of all of our products. From installation, to on-site maintenance, to product programming and technological advice and beyond, Klever Equipped provides all-encompassing service all in one shop.

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