About us


Our Founder and CEO

With his vast experience in the Meat, Poultry, Fish and Dairy processing industries, Michael has founded Klever Equipped Inc.

Our Story

At the heart of Klever Equipped, Michael Klee’s unmatched experience and passion for the food-processing industry.
Michael Klee has spent 30+ years in service of the food-processing industry. His sharp insights and sheer grit led him to work his way up from a service-technician to managing a leading German smokehouse manufacturer. Michael followed this with a stint as the technical sales manager for a North American distributor of food-processing equipment. His vast experience in the industry covers six continents and over 75 countries. This range and depth of knowledge of food processing allows him to identify his clients’ challenges and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions.
This proficiency also bolstered his resolve to offer a genuinely specialized partnership to businesses. Focusing on what he knows best, the equipment and expertise around smokehouses, chillers, cookers, fermenting and drying equipment. This specialty addresses a current need of businesses as food equipment manufacturers merge and sales/service teams who are overwhelmed by technical specifications are left unable to see the complete picture and challenges for a specific business. Michael Klee has made it a mission to offer the best in technology, equipment and services to such businesses.


At Klever Equipped great products are matched with a commitment to great service.
At Klever Equipped we offer a blend of superior products, flexible services and specialized knowledge. Our team works closely with you to ensure you are provided with a tailor-made solution to the unique requirements of your business.
In order to deliver these solutions to you, Klever Equipped has partnered with the leading names in food-processing – Travaglini, Fessmann and KMA. We distribute their cutting-edge equipment and with our personalized approach we capably modify it for you. The implementation of our service is followed through by an experienced and trustworthy network of service specialists who are spread all over North America.
This wide range of products, services, support and expertise helps you better plan and improve your production process and in turn your profitability. That’s a Klever partnership.