Creating lasting solutions for your products by implementing new technology and improving your existing processes.

Travaglini produces innovative, state-of-the art equipment for a global market – they are a prominent player in the food processing industry.
We offer a variety of high-tech equipment from Travaglini including fermenting rooms, drying rooms, clean rooms, freezers, defrosting rooms and more.

Fessmann is one of the top manufacturers of food industry equipment, producing high quality machinery for customers all over the world.
We offer a variety of equipment from Fessmann including smokehouses, smoke generators, intensive chillers, cookers and more.

The Cost of Carbon in the US and Canada

“The cost of doing nothing is much, much higher than the cost of going forward and reducing greenhouse-gas emissions”, said Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne earlier this year.


At Klever Equipped, we offer high quality equipment and services all across Canada and the US. From installation, to on-site maintenance, to product programming and technological advice and beyond, Klever Equipped will be there with you along the way to ensure optimal operation of all our products.


Our partners, Fessmann and Travaglini, are leading companies within the food-processing industry. Together they have more than 150 years of experience of supplying their high tech products worldwide. Fessmann and Travaglini constantly improve and optimize their existing equipment and develop new products to meet ever-changing market needs.

Their passion for quality goes beyond mere taste. They provide their customers with the best equipment the food-processing industry has to offer.