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About Us

As experts in the food processing industry, Klever Equipped specializes in the installation and function of temperature-treatment and air-circulation equipment sourced from Germany, Italy and other European countries.



Fessman, the leading name in smokehouses and baking rooms.

Company was founded in 1924. Since then, Fessmann developed into the leading manufacturer of smokehouses, smoke generators, baking systems and others. Fessman high-tech systems for smoking, cooking, roasting, baking and cooling are used around the world at crafts and industrial companies.

Klever Equipped Inc. proud to be the partner of Fessmann across North America. Contact us to learn more.


Travaglini, seven decades of experience in drying and refrigeration.

Since 1950 Travaglini has been the market leader in smoking, fermenting and drying systems for meat, cheese and fish industry.

Klever Equipped Inc. proud to be the partner of Travaglini across North America. Contact us to learn more.


KMA offers tailor-made solutions relating to exhaust air purification, exhaust air filtration and heat recovery.

KMA Umwelttechnik is an owner-managed family enterprise, which had been established in 1959 by Josef Kurtsiefer as a metal processing company. In the beginnings the company concentrated on the production of doors, gates and metal facades. But in the 1970s followed soon the change to the plant construction.

The emerging laws for the environmental protection have led to the specialization in exhaust air filtration systems for the food industry. In the course of the company´s extension KMA expanded its delivery program to additional application areas as for example metal industry, foundries, textile industry and further industrial areas for use.

Klever Equipped Inc. proud to be the partner of KMA across North America. Contact us to learn more.


Since 1966, TecnoFerrari offers solutions for the industrial automation.

Starting with ceramic industry, one of the first sectors which recognized automation as the key to success, now TecnoFerrari can operate in all industry 4.0.

On a daily basis, customized solutions of TecnoFerrari can meet the needs of each customer, because TecnoFerrari provides dedicated solutions for each production and industrial sector.

Klever Equipped Inc. proud to be the partner of TecnoFerrari across North America. Contact us to learn more.

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Our Difference

  1. We are the only ones who specialize in the temperature and air treatment of your product.
  2. We provide exceptional training for: installation, service, dehydration, import, shipping, accounting and more.
  3. We provide consultations free of charge on any one of your processes after you purchase from us.
  4. We use local resources for installation, set up and training.
  5. We do our part for the environment as our filter system does not generate any Co2. We provide the right filter system for pollution control.
  6. We offer a superior product with expert training. At Klever, there is no detail too small and no challenge too big.
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