Our Products & Services

Klever Equipped will help improve your process, result and yield!

At Klever Equipped, we offer the highest quality equipment. We specialize in the types of products that we offer, and we can help you build customized equipment to suit your needs and resources.

In addition to our products, we also offer services to ensure optimal operation of all of our products. From installation, to on-site maintenance, to product programming and technological advice and beyond, Klever Equipped provides all-encompassing service all in one shop.

We supply equipment and provide services all across Canada and the US. Take a look at our full list of products and services and contact Klever Equipped today for all of your food-processing needs. Let Klever Equipped help you increase the quality of your products, increase your profit and grow your business.

Klever Equipped offers the following products and services for meat, fish, poultry, cheese and vegetable processing:


  • Smokehouses (ovens) for hot and cold smoking, maturing, fermenting, showering, roasting and cooking
  • Intensive chilling and freezing equipment
  • Drying, fermenting, salting, cooling and aging equipment
  • Industry Dehydration
  • Air Conditioning Systems and Clean Rooms
  • Automation of product transport and loading
  • UV Light application

*All equipment comes as batch type, semi-continuous system, continuous system, or with transportation “robots”


  • Installation, start up and service of all Klever-supplied Equipment
  • On-site and remote maintenance (including preventive maintenance)
  • Product and processes advice
  • Air Flow and temperature calibration (Cold Spot Certificates)
  • Operator, QA and maintenance training
  • Assistance with mould and dry ring issues (e.g. for salami and ham)
  • Product programming and technological consulting

*We also have spare parts available out of our stock locations in the US and Canada.