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Together for the environment and economic efficiency

Today is the time to start think and care about tomorrow. We are responsible for the future of our kids and our planet! It’s up to us to keep it green, clean and alive!

Exhaust air filtration systems from KMA Umwelttechnik for smokehouses is your unique possibilities to remove smoke and odors from the exhaust air, also ensure a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, but also your operating costs at the same time due to their energy-saving operation.

Klever Equipped Inc. together with KMA Umwelttechnik are happy to provide you with leading-edge, state-of-the-art products. Being the responsible producers, we all must create ecological and economical solutions in the interest of operators, the public and the environment.

Processing methods

  • Smoke And Odor Reduction
  • Oil Exhaust Filtration
  • Heat Recovery Systems
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Dedication to excellence

Klever’s consultants can help you make the most of your purchase by providing advice that lower production times, increase the number and quality of outputs and eliminate costly and worrisome down times.

Invest in the best and contact us today!