Fessmann Equipment

Fessmann is a privately held company producing top-of-the-line machinery for the food processing industry. The company started as a family business back in 1924, and has now become the go-to manufacturer for smoking and intensive chilling equipment. Fessmann specializes in the type of equipment that they sell – unlike their competitors, who have a vast array of products, thereby making it impossible for them to be market leaders in one particular area.

Smoking/Intensive Chilling

Fessmann offers four standard smokehouses/intensive chillers:

  • Batchhouses for smaller companies (Turbomats – T3000/IK3000)
    • Preassembled floor, wall, ceiling segment
    • 1-8 trolleys (1-8 circulation fans)
  • Batchhouses for industrial operations (Ti3000/IKi3000)
    • Come as floor, wall, ceiling panels
    • Starting from 3 trolleys
    • Central air handling and central heating/cooling
  • Semi-continuous houses (TF3000/IK3000 & TFi3000/IKi3000)
    • Additional automatic transport between cooking and chilling
    • Starting from 2+2 trolleys
    • Reduced labour and minimized food safety risk
  • Fully continuous lines (TF4000)
    • Serpentine system
    • Good return of investment if more than 5,000 pounds of product per hour
  • Reduced labour and minimized food safety risk
  • Can automate loading and unloading


With this product variety we can fulfill any customer’s needs. All types of smokehouses are equipped with a vertical air supply and can be heated by electricity, indirect & direct gas, oil, steam; cooled by NH3, Freon, glycol, brine, etc.; and equipped with any of the following smoke generators – smouldering smoke generators (RATIO-TOP), friction smoke generator (RATIO-FRICTION), liquid smoke generators (RATIO-LIQUID) and steam smoke generators (RATIO-STEAM). The same houses can also be utilized for cooking, fermenting, drying, baking and cold smoke processes. All smokehouses are ECO.LINE type equipment, which guarantees high energy efficiency and economical use.


All Fessmann systems have the ability to cook. However, on top of that, they offer the AUTOVENT3000, which can cook without needing any circulation air due to the special Venturi nozzle steam supply system. Cost efficiency and yield improvement makes the AUTOVENT unique. Fessmann also offers RotathermCarat, which is suitable for baking, cooking and hot-air finishing in batch operation. The combination of the single rotating baking trolley and the horizontal air flow results in perfect product uniformity and shorter heating and baking times, while still creating top-notch products with significantly reduced weight loss.


Fessmann’s FOOD.CON control system and the FOOD.LOG monitoring system guarantee remote service, no downtime and access to all food safety information or product data required by any quality assurance program. Furthermore, Fessmann can offer an interface to an ERP-system; enabling data transfer by use of barcode scanners, for example.

Fessmann Globally

With representation in more than 50 countries, Fessmann provides equipment and services to customers all around the world. All Fessmann equipment is constantly quality-checked to ensure everything is kept to a high standard. The company also consistently works on improving their technology, which, in turn, brings their customers improved processes, thereby resulting in an improvement in the final products’ taste.