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Fessmann: A Century of Mastery in Food Processing Equipment

In the realm of food processing, Fessmann GmbH stands as a stalwart master with over a century of expertise. As one of the market leaders, Fessmann orchestrates the harmonious unity of technology and taste in their comprehensive range of smoking, cooking, baking, roasting, and cooling systems. With a global presence trusted by food processing companies worldwide, they have earned acclaim for their ingenious solutions that consistently deliver exceptional flavor and quality. This article delves into Fessmann’s rich history, product innovations, and contributions to sustainable processing practices. Furthermore, if you are located in Canada or the US, you can see firsthand all of the cutting-edge solutions from Fessmann (and many other notable European manufacturers) at Process Expo 2023 in Chicago this October 23-25, at the Klever Equipped booth – we hope to see you there!

The Beginning of an Era: The Foundation of Fessmann

Fessmann GmbH, a leading manufacturer of commercial/industrial smokehouses and baking systems, has been at the forefront of the food processing industry since its foundation in 1924. Over the years, Fessmann has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation and quality through the introduction of numerous groundbreaking technologies and products. From their early developments in smoking systems to their recent advancements in digitalization and sustainability, Fessmann’s vision has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of their customers worldwide.

Fessmann’s Vision Through the Years

Throughout its history, Fessmann has consistently demonstrated a vision for developing innovative food processing technologies that enhance flavor, extend shelf life, and meet the diverse needs of their clients, such as those in the meat and fish industry. This vision has been realized through a century of mastery in the field of food processing. Fessmann’s commitment to excellence can be seen in several key areas:

  1. Innovation: Fessmann continually pushes the boundaries of food processing technology, introducing groundbreaking solutions such as digitization of machines, exhaust gas cleaning systems, and process monitoring software.
  2. Quality: Fessmann’s high-quality systems are designed to deliver exceptional taste and consistent results across all products. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these systems have become trusted by crafts and industrial companies worldwide.
  3. Global Reach: With a wide customer base and extensive market presence, Fessmann’s systems are used globally and supported by international delivery services. This ensures that customers from around the world can benefit from their expertise.
  4. Customer Support: Fessmann offers dedicated customer support through a knowledgeable in-house team and distribution partners that are available for any questions or assistance. Their prompt response and guidance contribute to their reputation as a reliable partner in the food processing industry.

Global Presence: Trusted by Food Processing Companies Worldwide

Fessmann, as a leading manufacturer of systems for smoking, industrial baking systems and smoke generators, has gained international recognition for its high-tech solutions in smoking, cooking, roasting, baking, and cooling. With a global reach and extensive market presence, Fessmann’s innovative systems have been trusted by food processing companies worldwide to deliver exceptional quality and flavors consistently.

Spotlight on Three of Fessmann’s State-of-the-Art Systems

Ti7000 Universal Smokehouse: A Game Changer

Ti7000 Universal Smokehouse: A Game Changer

The Ti7000 Universal Smokehouse has revolutionized the food processing industry with its versatile system designed for industrial-scale smoking processes. Its features include:

  1. Enhanced flavor and extended shelf life of smoked products.
  2. Suitable for various meat, fish and protein products.
  3. Robust construction for durability and long-term use.
  4. Eight trolleys for increased productivity, large capacity, efficient airflow system, adjustable temperature and smoking time settings, and easy-to-clean design.

Fessmann’s Ti7000 Universal Smokehouse is truly a game changer in the field of food processing, check out its’ technical specifications HERE.

Dive into the TFi3000 Semi-Continuous System

Dive into the TFi3000 Semi-Continuous System

The TFi3000 Semi-Continuous System offers a unique approach to industrial-scale smoking processes by providing continuous production capabilities. This system is designed for the efficient processing of various meat and fish products, enhancing flavor and extending shelf life. With its robust construction and versatile features, the TFi3000 is suitable for use in a range of applications. This semi-continuous system is an essential piece of industrial food processing equipment, offering control and efficiency in smokehouse operations.

Features Benefits Specifications
Continuous production Increased productivity Adjustable temperature
Versatile applications Enhanced flavor Efficient airflow system
Robust construction Extended shelf life Easy-to-clean design

The TFi3000 Semi-Continuous System provides precise electronic control over the smoking process, ensuring consistent results and meeting the demands of industrial-scale operations. With its advanced features and efficient design, this industrial processing equipment delivers optimal performance and reliability for smokehouse operations.

TF4000 Multifunctional System: Redefining Versatility

TF4000 Multifunctional System: Redefining Versatility

Achieving widespread recognition, the TF4000 Multifunctional System redefines versatility in industrial-scale smoking processes. This advanced smokehouse is a key component of Fessmann’s range of high-quality food processing equipment. The TF4000 features a state-of-the-art heat recovery system, utilizing a highly efficient heat exchanger to maximize energy utilization and reduce operating costs. Its multifunctionality allows for precise control over temperature, smoke intensity, and cooking time, making it an ideal choice for various meat and fish products.

Fessmann Product Range: Smoking, Cooking, Baking, Roasting, Cooling, Climate & Universal Systems

Fessmanns’ wide range of products includes universal systems designed for versatile applications, as well as specific systems tailored to smoking, cooking, baking, and cooling processes. Additionally, Fessmann offers hot and cold smoke generators that ensure consistent flavor profiles across their products. This analysis will explore the features and benefits of these systems and generators while maintaining an objective and analytical approach.

Fessmann Universal Systems

Fessmann Universal Systems encompass a wide range of smoking, cooking, baking, roasting, and cooling systems that are utilized by crafts and industrial companies globally. These systems are designed to meet the demands of the food processing industry, providing efficient and reliable solutions for various processes. The key features of Fessmann Universal Systems include:

  1. Versatility: Fessmann Universal Systems are capable of performing multiple functions such as smoking, cooking, baking, roasting, and cooling. This versatility allows for a streamlined production process and increased efficiency.
  2. Industrial Oven Technology: Fessmann Universal Systems utilize advanced industrial oven technology to ensure precise temperature control and uniform heating distribution throughout the chamber. This results in consistent and high-quality product outcomes.
  3. Heat Recovery: Fessmann Universal Systems incorporate heat recovery mechanisms that optimize energy usage by capturing and reusing waste heat generated during the cooking or smoking process. This not only reduces energy consumption but also contributes to sustainability efforts.
  4. Customizability: Fessmann offers customizable options for its Universal Systems to cater to specific customer requirements. This includes adjustable temperature settings, different chamber sizes, and additional features like automated controls for enhanced convenience.

Universal Systems offered by Fessmann:

  • Turbomat T1900
  • Turbomat T3000
  • Ti3000
  • Ti7000
  • TF3000
  • TFi3000
  • And the TF4000

Fessmann Cooking Systems

Fessmann also offers a range of industrial cooking systems that cater to the needs of companies worldwide. These cooking systems are designed to deliver exceptional taste and consistent results across all product types, from meat and sausage, to fungi and snack foods. Fessmann’s cooking systems incorporate advanced smoking equipment, heat recovery systems, and heating recovery ventilators to ensure efficient and sustainable operations.

The company’s industrial cooking systems are known for their high-quality construction and reliability. They provide versatile solutions for smoking, cooking, roasting, baking, and cooling processes in the food processing industry. With Fessmann’s expertise in smokehouses, smoke generators, and baking systems dating back to its foundation in 1924 by Wilhelm Fessmann, customers can trust in the brand’s extensive market presence and global reach.

Cooking Systems offered by Fessmann:

  • Autovent 3000
  • TFi3000 Autovent

Fessmann Baking Systems

The baking systems offered by Fessmann incorporate advanced technology and features that ensure efficient and high-quality baking processes. These systems are designed to meet the needs of food processing equipment manufacturers who require precise control over their baking operations. Here are four key features of Fessmann’s baking systems:

  1. Industrial Ovens: Fessmann’s baking systems include state-of-the-art industrial ovens that provide consistent heating power and temperature control for optimal baking results.
  2. Smoke Flavor: The systems are equipped with smoke generators that infuse a rich smoke flavor into baked goods, enhancing their taste and appeal.
  3. Heat Recovery Ventilation System: Fessmann’s baking systems utilize a heat recovery ventilation system, which helps to reduce energy consumption and maintain a comfortable working environment.
  4. Industrial Cooling: After the baking process, these systems offer efficient cooling capabilities to quickly bring down the temperature of baked goods, ensuring proper texture and quality.

Overall, Fessmann’s baking systems provide reliable performance and deliver excellent results for businesses in the food processing industry seeking precise control over their baking processes while achieving optimum flavors.

Baking Systems offered by Fessmann:

  • RotathermCarat

Fessmann Cooling Systems

Fessmann Cooling Systems s play a vital role in the food processing industry by ensuring efficient cooling and preservation of products. They are designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial-scale food processing operations. They utilize innovative technologies such as industrial heat recovery, heat exchangers, and air purification to maintain optimal temperature levels and enhance product quality.

Features Benefits
Efficient cooling capabilities Ensures safe storage and prolongs shelf life
Precise temperature control Maintains product quality throughout the cooling process
Energy-efficient design Reduces operational costs
Easy maintenance and cleaning Minimizes downtime for cleaning processes

Cooling Systems offered by Fessmann:

  • IK3000
  • IKi3000

Fessmann Smoking Systems & Generators

One of the key components in Fessmanns’ production of smoking systems and generators, which play a crucial role in enhancing the flavor and quality of smoked products, be in beef and pork, chicken and turkey, or sausage and salami. These smoking systems are designed to meet the strict demands of today’s food processing industry, providing thought out solutions for achieving the best flavors and results. The high-quality systems offered by Fessmann ensure consistent results across all products, delivering exceptional taste every time. With over a century of mastery in food processing, Fessmann has established itself as a trusted provider of smoking systems and generators worldwide. Their extensive market presence and wide customer base demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of their products. By incorporating Fessmann’s smoking systems into their production processes, food processing companies can achieve superior flavor profiles in their smoked goods.

Smoke Generators & Smoking Systems offered by Fessmann:


Fessmann Climate Systems

Fessmann GmbH also offers climate control systems as another significant component of their product range. These systems are designed to provide precise control over the temperature and environmental conditions within food processing facilities. Fessmann’s climate control systems incorporate advanced features such as heat recovery units, which allow for efficient energy usage by capturing and recycling heat generated during the production process. Additionally, ambient temperature sensors ensure that the desired temperature is maintained at all times, leading to consistent results. Furthermore, these climate control systems also include industrial air purification technology, which helps maintain a clean and hygienic environment within the production facility. These systems are essential for ensuring consistent quality and safety in food processing operations.

Climate Systems offered by Fessmann:


Fessmann Cooking Boilers

The cooking boilers offered by Fessmann are designed to provide precise temperature control and optimize the cooking process in food processing plants. These systems are an integral part of Fessmann’s comprehensive range of food processing equipment, which includes smoking systems, baking systems, roasting systems, and cooling systems. The cooking boilers are specifically designed for industrial use and can be used in conjunction with other equipment. They offer advanced features and functionalities that allow for efficient and consistent cooking operations, ensuring high-quality results every time. With their reliable performance and customizable options, Fessmann cooking boilers provide a reliable solution for any business in the food processing industry.

Cooking Boilers offered by Fessmann:

  • NOVA Cooking Boiler
  • NOVA Cooling Tank

Sustainability in Processing: Fessmann’s ECO.LiNe Innovations

At this time, we want to showcase the Turbomat T1900 and Turbomat T3000, two key products in their range of smoking systems. The Turbomat T1900 is designed for small and medium-sized companies, offering a compact design with minimal space demand while still providing technology and performance comparable to larger models. On the other hand, the Turbomat T3000 is suited for both artisanal and industrial use, featuring three trolleys and an efficient airflow system for uniform smoking results.


Turbomat T1900

Turbomat T1900

The Fessmann Turbomat T 1900 is a compact smoking system that offers high-quality performance and minimal space requirements. This industrial conveyor is designed as a food processing machine specifically for thermal processing of food products through smoking. As a smoking machine, it provides precise control over the smoking process, ensuring consistent results and delivering exceptional taste to the smoked products. The Fessmann Turbomat T 1900 is an essential piece of food manufacturing equipment for companies in the food industry that desire control over their smoking operations. With its compact design, it optimizes space utilization while still providing efficient airflow within the chamber. Overall, the Turbomat T1900 is a reliable and versatile solution for achieving high-quality smoked products in a controlled manufacturing environment.

Turbomat T3000

With its robust construction and versatile functionality, the Fessmann Turbomat 3000 is a highly efficient smoking system designed for industrial-scale processes. This advanced system incorporates key features such as a dehydrator, smoke generator, and heat recovery ventilator to enhance the food processing capabilities. The Fessmann Turbomat 3000 is specifically engineered to meet the demands of large-scale operations, providing consistent and high-quality results. Its durable construction ensures long-term use and reliability in demanding production environments. By utilizing the Turbomat T3000, businesses can streamline their smoking processes while maintaining control over flavor development and shelf-life extension. This state-of-the-art system showcases Fessmann’s century of mastery in food processing technology, offering precise temperature control, even airflow distribution, and user-friendly operation. The Turbomat T3000 is a testament to Fessmann’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that bridge European expertise to North America’s industrial needs.

Recent Developments: Digitization, Automation and Sustainability in Production

Now it’s time to focus on recent developments in the food processing industry, specifically the areas of digitization and transparency, sustainable production standards, automation and efficiency. These key points are crucial in understanding the current trends and advancements in food production processes. By analyzing these topics from an objective standpoint, we can gain insights into how companies like Fessmann are implementing technological solutions to enhance transparency, improve sustainability practices, and optimize efficiency in their production systems.

Digitization and Transparency

Digitization and Transparency

The introduction of digitization in FESSMANN’s machines has brought about increased transparency and safety in the production process that is available via the partnership between Klever Equipped and Fessmann. This technological advancement has revolutionized food processing by incorporating digital capabilities into food machines and processing machinery. This integration of digitization into food processing machinery not only enhances transparency, but also improves overall efficiency and productivity in the industry. The key features of this include:

  1. Real-time monitoring: Digitization allows for continuous monitoring of the food processing operation, providing live data on parameters such as temperature, humidity, and airflow.
  2. Data analytics: By collecting and analyzing data from the production process, digitization enables the identification of patterns and trends that can optimize efficiency and quality control.
  3. Traceability: Digital systems facilitate accurate tracking and tracing of ingredients, processes, and products throughout the production cycle, enhancing transparency and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  4. Remote control: With digitization, operators can remotely monitor and control food machines, enhancing operational flexibility while ensuring safety.

Sustainable Production Standards

In the realm of food processing, sustainable production standards have become increasingly important. Fessmann, a renowned manufacturer of commercial/industrial smokehouses and baking systems, has recognized this trend and has taken measures to align their operations with sustainable practices. One notable initiative is the introduction of the exhaust gas cleaning system ECO.CLEANAiR (in 2021), which sets new standards for sustainable exhaust air cleaning. Additionally, Fessmann has implemented heat recovery ventilation systems and waste heat recovery technologies to minimize energy consumption and reduce environmental impact. These efforts not only contribute to resource conservation but also help improve overall operational efficiency. Furthermore, Fessmann’s commitment to eco-friendly practices extends to its smoking processes as well. The company offers “eco smoke,” a solution that reduces energy consumption while maintaining high-quality results. By adopting these sustainable production standards, Fessmann demonstrates its dedication to responsible manufacturing in the field of food processing.

Automation and Efficiency

Automation and efficiency have become crucial factors in the food processing industry, with manufacturers continuously striving to enhance productivity and streamline operations. Klever Equipped has achieved amazing results for its’ customers by pairing products from within its’ network of suppliers, such as Fessmann and TecnoFerrari, to deliver truly individualized solutions for their customers. The adoption of automation technologies allows for faster and more accurate food processing, leading to increased output and reduced labor costs. Here are four key aspects of automation and efficiency in the food processing industry:

  1. Industry Automation: Automated production systems, such as robotic arms and conveyor belts, enable seamless integration of various stages in the food processing line. This reduces manual handling and minimizes human error.
  2. Equipment in Food Processing: Advanced machinery equipped with sensors, control systems, and data analytics capabilities optimize process parameters like temperature, humidity, and cooking times. This ensures consistent quality and safety standards.
  3. Streamlined Operations: Automation enables real-time monitoring of production processes, allowing timely adjustments to optimize efficiency. It also facilitates inventory management by tracking raw materials usage and reducing waste.
  4. Enhanced Productivity: By automating repetitive tasks, employees can focus on higher-value activities like product development or quality control inspections. This leads to improved overall productivity levels within the organization.

Key Innovations: Advancements in Exhaust Air Cleaning and Control Technology

Introduction of the exhaust gas cleaning system ECO.CLEANAiR in 2021 has set new standards for sustainable exhaust air cleaning, showcasing Fessmann’s commitment to innovative advancements in control technology. This key innovation addresses the crucial need for effective and environmentally-friendly solutions in food processing. This system offers several notable features and benefits:

  1. Advanced Exhaust Air Cleaning: The ECO.CLEANAiR system utilizes advanced technologies to effectively remove harmful pollutants and contaminants from exhaust air generated during food processing operations. It employs efficient filtration systems and catalytic converters to ensure clean and safe air emissions.
  2. Sustainable Solution: Fessmann’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the design of the system – by reducing emissions and minimizing environmental impact, this step aligns with global efforts towards a greener and carbon-neutral future.
  3. Enhanced Control Technology: The ECO.CLEANAiR system incorporates state-of-the-art control technology that enables precise monitoring and adjustment of exhaust air cleaning processes – this ensures optimal performance, efficiency, and compliance with regulatory standards.
  4. Improved Operational Efficiency: With its automated features and intelligent controls, the ECO.CLEANAiR system streamlines operations, reduces manual intervention, and enhances overall productivity in food processing facilities.

An Insider’s Glimpse: Klever Equipped at Process Expo 2023

Process Expo 2023

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that Fessmann has well and truly established itself as a leader in the food processing industry, with its century-long expertise and innovative solutions. The team from Klever Equipped is looking forward to showcase everything covered in this article, as well as many more industrial food processing solutions, to all of our guests at Process Expo 2023!

With over 75,000 systems delivered globally, Fessmann products have gained the trust of food processing companies worldwide. Fessmann’s advanced technologies, such as exhaust gas cleaning systems and process monitoring software, contribute to sustainable processing practices. Both Fessmann and Klever Equipped are committed to environmental responsibility and we find that this resonates with our customers, who prioritize eco-friendly solutions in their purchasing decisions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Klever Equipped today, to see what we can do to better your business!


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